Over 50km of coastline and the man-made marvels combined with gorgeous weather and comfortable water temperatures are what make Dubai a great destination to indulge in scuba diving! The shorelines, reefs and aquariums of Dubai are unblemished and ready for exploration. You can explore shipwrecks and swim alongside fascinating marine life like tropical fish, rays and sharks.

Better your diving skills in Dubai

Even if you’ve never dived before you can still plunge beneath the surface in Dubai. There’s a range of diving facilities where experienced diving instructors can teach you the basics of scuba diving before you head out on the water. Not just for amateurs, there are courses available for every skill level from total beginners to instructors. You can start by learning to dive in a swimming pool before enduring training sessions in the open water. Those who are familiar with diving can participate in a scuba refresher course to bring all that scuba knowledge back to the surface. Diving professionals can take specialised diving courses to learn the ropes of specific diving experiences like wreck diving, underwater photography and night diving. There’s even courses to help you better identify all those colourful fish!

What you’ll see diving in Dubai

Where you dive in Dubai will determine what exactly you’ll see beneath the surface. There’s the MV Dara wreck that sunk after an explosion in 1961. The 120m wreck is now crawling with an exotic marine life including regular visits from eagle rays, guitarfish and even whale sharks. There’s a selection of other impressive wreck dives such as the Cement Barge, Neptune 6 and Marium Express. Head to Dibba Rock to swim with turtles and black tip reef sharks. Experience the best of night diving at Martini Rock. Dive alongside parrotfish, boxfish, broomtailed wrasse and even rays and turtles at Sharm Rocks.

If all you want is to is swim alongside every tropical fish you can think of and dive deep with sharks and rays then a visit to the Dubai Aquarium inside The Dubai Mall is sure to never disappoint. The aquarium is a 10 million litre tank that rises up to the third floor of the mall. There are over 33,000 marine animals inside as well as the world’s largest collection of sand tiger sharks. Visitors have the opportunity to plunge beneath the surface of this giant fish tank when you take part in a Scuba Dive course with the PADI certified instructors. Otherwise, you can try cage snorkelling, shark scootering or dive into the shark tank! Aquarium diving is also available at The Lost Chambers Aquarium at Atlantis The Palm. Non-certified divers can learn the ropes before swimming with the aquariums sharks, napoleon wrasse, vibrant fish amongst the Atlantis ruins. While those who dare can plunge into the Predator Dive and hand-feed different species of sharks and rays. Certified divers will love the Atlantis Dive Explorer where you can swim alongside unique marine life and discover the ancient artefacts lefts behind from the Atlanteans.

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