City wonders realised under the surface!

Snorkelling is not the first experience you would think of when you start to plan a trip to Dubai. Known from its technology, business prowess and majestic designs, Dubai is more thought of as a sparkling, bustling hub, rather than an underwater wonderland. Despite this, snorkelling is popular in the United Arab Emirates city! The popularity of snorkelling in Dubai once again proves that it is a destination in which anything is possible!

Despite the ability to snorkel in Dubai, it’s where you can do it that might surprise you! Unlike other popular holiday destinations, snorkelling cannot be accessed by simply walking off the shore or travelling to a nearby tropical island. Guests can travel out to the World Islands to snorkel around the seas but, predominantly, snorkelling is done in incredible man-made lagoons and aquariums, like The Palm’s Ambassador’s Lagoon and The Dubai Aquarium in the Dubai Mall!

What will I see snorkelling in Dubai?

It’s unlikely that Dubai snorkelers will notice a difference between tropical island snorkelling and manmade Dubai snorkelling. There is so much marine life to float atop and see and, like with most other experiences in the captivating city, the aquariums and lagoons have been exquisitely crafted to mimic and enhance the real-world experience!

Snorkel in the Ambassador’s Lagoon at the Atlantis hotel and witness colourful fish, sharks and cownose rays. Trained experts will guide you through the waters and both hotel guests and visitors are welcome! Atlantis snorkelers can enjoy educational activities, shark safaris, ray feeding sessions and unique Aquatrek adventures using a space helmet to breathe and walk underwater! Cage snorkelling is available at the Dubai Aquarium, getting guests up-close-and-personal with over 300 rays and shark species, plus there are other incredible underwater adventures to enjoy there!

Find out more about snorkelling in Dubai, contact our My Dubai Holiday Experts! To read more about other water-based adventures, scroll through our top Dubai Experiences!