Thrill Seeker Adventures

From heart-pumping roller coasters at Dubai’s theme parks and sliding down the desert dunes on a sand board to fulfilling your need for speed with Dubai’s motorsports scene and jumping from a plane 13,000ft in the air, you can rest assured that your Dubai holiday can easily be jampacked with a range of thrilling adventures.

Jump from 13,000ft

Thrill seekers will fall in love with skydiving in Dubai. Not only is sky diving a magnificent experience in itself, it’s even better when your soaring over the picturesque views of beautiful Dubai. Launch out into the air 13,000ft above the ground. Feel the rush of the winds as you freefall at 180 kilometres per hour before popping the parachute for a leisurely glide back to land. There’s two drop zones in Dubai, the Palm Jumeirah and the Dubai Desert. Soar through the skies and take in the stunning aerial views of sandy slopes of the desert or the skyline of this iconic city. Whether you’re an experienced skydiver, you want to learn to dive solo or you’re totally new to the concept, that’s okay there’s an option for everyone! Tandem Skydives are available for the newbies. The professional and qualified instructors will walk you through the whole process ensuring a safe and exciting experience for you. Experienced Skydivers are spoilt for choice. Solo skydive at one of the drop points or sign up for the free fly school or wingsuit coaching if you want to improve your skillset. If you’re familiar with skydiving and want to take it to the next level there’s even classes available to be certified as a solo skydiver! If you’re not into the thrill-seeking adventures, Dubai has an indoor skydiving facility at the Mirdif City Centre!

Fulfil your need for speed

Dubai has gained a reputation as the world leader for all things motoring so buckle up and enjoy the burning rubber and screeching tyres of this iconic city. The Dubai Autodrome is a purpose built arena that is home to many world-class motorsport events like the NGK Racing Series and the Dubai 24H. Watch as professional racers take to the tracks or give it a go yourself. Visitors at the Dubai Autodrome have the opportunity to jump behind the wheel of a high powered vehicle and hit the track. Alternatively, you can do a hot lap with a professional driver, a memorable experience for children. Next door at Kartdrome you put your foot down in a go kart and whiz around the 1.2km track . The track is one of the most impressive in Dubai featuring 17 corners, a tunnel and a bridge! Kartdrome isn’t the only place to bring out your inner Formular-1 driver. There’s a range of different kart tracks around the city to choose from! If you’re more for sitting back and enjoying the sound of roaring engines and skidding tyres, the Emirates Motor Sport Federation (EMSF) hosts a range of motorsport events all year round. Watch experienced motorbike riders show off their skills on the sandy slopes of Dubai Desert or bear witness to the seven-round series of Drift UAE.

Be adventurous at Hatta

Perfect for an adventurous day trip or a multiple day trek, Hatta is a picturesque enclave of Dubai located amongst the mountains just 100km from the city. Although Hatta is so close to central Dubai, you’ll feel like you’ve landed in a whole other country when you feel the milder climate and see the stunning environment that surrounds you. Nestled amongst rugged mountain peaks and an untouched environment, the best way to explore Hatta is by mountain bike or hiking, or a combination of both! There are a range of bike trails, for riders of all skills levels, that weave through the hills and plains. You can take on the biking challenge on your own or opt to join one of the many groups or tours. There are five official hiking tracks that take you through the mountain peaks and along the waterway. Some tracks are more challenging than others but they all take you to some of the most picturesque locations that Hatta has to offer. A popular destination for hikers is the Hatta Dam. Behind the dam you can climb the rough terrain to the top and enjoy the panoramic views from this vantage point. See if you can spot some Middle Eastern wildlife like the oryx, the gazelle or if you’re lucky the Arabian sand cat.

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My Dubai | Thrill Seeker Experiences