Take to the ocean with Dubai water sports!

The warm climate and stunning waters in Dubai make it the ideal place to get out and enjoy a range of water sports. Set around the southern edge of the Arabian Gulf, the beautiful aquamarine waters can entice even the most reluctant of water sports fans out toward its shores, encouraging all to soak up the sun and let the sea breezes carry them away from the shore! No matter where you stay, there’s plenty of water sports to try out nearby—even in Downtown Dubai, the beach is less than 10km away! Water sports in Dubai are for everyone. Take the family out and make a day of it on the ocean. Learn new skills from qualified professionals or hire your favourite equipment to show off your expertise! Do it all with water sports in Dubai.

What water sports can I try in Dubai?

When it comes to water sports, the offering in Dubai is surprisingly similar to a lot tropical holiday destinations! Despite being one of the world’s most dynamic and prosperous business hubs, there’s plenty to try out on the water’s surface. Start with the basics. Go sailing, jet-skiing, stand-up paddle boarding, parasailing or banana boating. Equipment can be hired by private companies or at beachside kiosks on private, hotel-owned beaches, plus there are even deep sea fishing trips that run out from companies in and near the Dubai Marina. Kite Beach is a great place to try or witness kitesurfing in the Jumeirah Beach region—water sport operators stand ready along the stand and those wanting a challenge can hire their equipment there in the afternoons when the wind and the waves start to pick up!

Next-level fun!

Take your Dubai water sports to the next level in true Dubai style. Spread out along the city’s beautiful 50m of coastline are a range of new, innovative water sports taking tourists by storm. Enter Flyboarding and Seabreaching. These thrilling activities will get your heart pumping out on the water and are perfect for a range of ages! Flyboarding is the closest you can get to flying over the water. With a 20m hose connected to a one-man personal watercraft and 2 jets under their feet, Flyboarders can shoot up to 9m in the air, propelled by water! This exhilarating experience is most popular at the Dubai Fishing Harbour and tends to be charged by 20-minute intervals.

Head next to The Palm to enter a mini submarine in the shape of a shark. Known as the Seabreacher, this powerful contraption has a 260hp engine that can reach speeds of up to 100km per hour. The Seabreacher mimic the movement patterns of a real shark and it can jump up to 6m out of the water! Other exhilarating water sports experiences in Dubai include water cars, wake boarding (a mix of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing techniques) and the Fly Fish. The Fly Fish has been likened to a magic carpet ride and allows multiple people to soar along on an inflatable, sometimes airborne device behind a speedboat! Hang on for dear life and run the risk of an inevitable dunking!

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