What to Expect on Your First Trip to Dubai

Home to world’s most famous skyscrapers like the Burj Khalifa (towering almost 828-metres!), Dubai offers a holiday experience unlike any other. Year-round sunshine, high-end fashion malls, thrilling experiences and more await you and your loved ones in this awe-inspiring, eclectic city.


A Dream Destination for Adrenaline Junkies

Looking to quench your thirst for thrills? A trip to Dubai will sort you out! From skydiving over the Palm Jumeirah to a close encounter with the sharks at the Aquaventure Waterpark in Atlantis, the opportunities are endless. Conquer your fear of heights and be mesmerised by the beauty of The Palm Jumeirah as you jump off a plane (with a parachute and a trained skydiver of course!), free-falling from 396-metres high! Take a leap of faith and test your courage as you plunge down a 9-story slide only to find yourself emerging from a tube surrounded by numerous sharks and cownose rays. Want to skip the sand and the heat? No worries, Ski Dubai Resort has got your back! Located at the Mall of The Emirates, the ski resort is a 22,500sq. metres resort covered with snow all year long!


A Shopper’s Paradise

Home to the world’s largest mall – the Dubai Mall, Dubai is known as one of the best places to go shopping! Hi-tech gadgets, designer bags, clothes, accessories and gold jewellery too! This upscale mall is as big as 50 soccer fields combined! With over 1,300 retail outlets, 120 cafes and restaurants, 22 cinema screens, the Dubai Mall guarantees you the best shopping experience (and all tax-free!). Known for excellent value and low-cost gold jewellery, Deira Gold Souk is an ideal place to go hunting for gold necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and bangles. Feast your eyes on over 300 retailers and their lustrous display of jewellery items, which can be haggled down to 30%off. Tip: Start at 50% and haggle down until you get the best price!


Dubai Culture & Travelling Etiquette

The Emiratis are known for their love and respect of religion and culture. They observe Friday as a “Jummah day” (also known as Friday Prayer), which is a holy day in Islam. Because of this their work week starts every Sunday. Emiratis also follow their own cultural dress codes called “Kandura”, for men and “Abaya”, for women. Foreign travellers are not required to wear Kandura or Abaya but are always expected to be in modest and discerning with their clothing choices (no revealing clothes; shorts must be longer than knee-length). Ramadan or the Holy Month is one of the most anticipated holidays in Dubai. Celebrated on the 9th month of the Muslim calendar, Ramadan begins and ends with the appearance of the new moon. Muslims (and often foreign visitors) are required to fast for 30-days, refraining from eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset. Eating and drinking is allowed after sunset and before the sun rises only. During the Ramadan, tourists are expected to avoid consuming food and drink in public in respect for the local’s tradition.


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